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Culture-independent analysis of endophytic bacterial communities associated with Brazilian sugarcane

Author(s): G.S. Magnani1, L.M. Cruz1, H. Weber2, J.C. Bespalhok2, E. Daros2, V. Baura1, M.G. Yates1, R.A. Monteiro1, H. Faoro1, F.O. Pedrosa1 and E.M. Souza1

Sugarcane is an economically important culture in Brazil. Endophytic bacteria live inside plants, and can provide many benefits to the plant host. We analyzed the bacterial diversity of sugarcane cultivar RB-72454 by cultivation-independent techniques. Total DNA from sugarcane stems from a commercial plantation located in Paraná State was extracted. Partial 16S rRNA genes were amplified and sequenced for library construction. Of 152 sequences obtained, 52% were similar to 16S rRNA from Pseudomonas sp, and 35.5% to Enterobacter sp. The genera Pantoea, Serratia, Citrobacter, and Klebsiella were also represented.