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Cross-amplification and characterization of microsatellite markers in Alcantarea patriae Versieux & Wand.

Author(s): A.G. Pereira, U.C.S. Bernardi, V.C. Manhães, R.S. Ferreira and F.D. Miranda

The Alcantarea patriae is a Bromeliaceae endemic to the inselbergs of the Atlantic Forest. This taxon, described in the year of 2007 by Versieux & Wanderley, presents restricted and fragmented distribution outside conservation units. Studies to evaluate the genetic structure of its populations can contribute to the conservation and management strategies for the species. In this study, 31 microsatellite markers, descriptive to six different Bromeliaceae species, were evaluated by cross-amplification tests in 20 individuals of A. patriae. The individuals were collected in the district of Vila Cruzeiro, in the municipality of Jerônimo Monteiro. Twelve markers were polymorphic and 10 monomorphic, with an amplification success rate of 71%. The displayed polymorphism information content was considered high, indicating that the selected markers are informative. The values found for the fixation index were positive and indicated the occurrence of inbreeding. The mean number of alleles was 4.66 (3-6), the mean expected and observed heterozygosities were 0.6605 and 0.4618, respectively. The detection of polymorphic markers was important for future studies of diversity and genetic structuring of natural populations and for germplasm bank creation aiming to contribute to in situ and ex situ conservations of A. patriae.