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Comparative cytogenetic mapping of rRNA genes among naked catfishes: implications for genomic evolution in the Bagridae family.

Author(s): W. Supiwong1,3, T. Liehr1, M.B. Cioffi2, A. Chaveerach3,5, N. Kosyakova1, X. Fan1, T. Tanee4,5 and A. Tanomtong3.

In the present study, the karyotype and chromosomal characteristics of 9 species of the Bagridae fish family were investigated using conventional Giemsa staining as well as dual-color fluorescence in situ hybridization to detect the 18S and 5S rDNA sites. In addition to describing the karyotype of several Bagridae catfishes, we established molecular cytogenetic techniques to study this group. The 9 species contained a diploid chromosomal number, varying from 50 (Pseudomystus siamensis) to 62 (Hemibagrus wyckii), while none contained heteromorphic sex chromosomes. 18S rDNA sites were detected in only 1 chromosomal pair among all species evaluated.