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Characterization of the complete Chloroplast genome of Correa carmen, a valuable winter-flowering shrub

Author(s): Minghui Chen, Yuxia Zong, Shiping Cheng, Zhilu Zhang

Correa carmen is considered important because of its considerable ornamental and economic value. The most striking characteristic of C. carmen flowers is their long winter-flowering period. In the present study, we generated the first complete C. carmen chloroplast genome sequence based on Illumina paired-end sequencing data. The entire chloroplast genome comprises a circular molecule with 156,759 bp that forms a quadripartite organization with two inverted repeats (26,981 bp) separated by large (84,887 bp) and small (17,910 bp) single copy sequences. The C. carmen genome includes 95 protein-coding genes, 31 transfer RNA genes, and eight ribosomal RNA genes. Additionally, the base composition of the genome is biased (30.38% A, 18.92% C, 19.63% G, and 31.07% T) with an overall GC content of 38.55%. The results of a phylogenetic analysis are consistent with the traditional taxonomic framework of the family Rutaceae, and C. carmen is closely related to Phellodendron amurense.