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Characterization of Capsicum species using anatomical and molecular data

Author(s): G.B. Dias, V.M. Gomes, T.M.S. Moraes, U.P. Zottich, G.R. Rabelo, A.O. Carvalho, M. Moulin, L.S.A. Gonçalves, R. Rodrigues and M. Da Cunha

Capsicum species are frequently described in terms of genetic divergence, considering morphological, agronomic, and molecular databases. However, descriptions of genetic differences based on anatomical characters are rare. We examined the anatomy and the micromorphology of vegetative and reproductive organs of several Capsicum species. Four Capsicum accessions representing the species C. annuum var. annuum, C. baccatum var. pendulum, C. chinense, and C. frutescens were cultivated in a greenhouse; leaves, fruits and seeds were sampled and their organ structure analyzed by light and scanning electronic microscopy. Molecular accession characterization was made using ISSR markers. Polymorphism was observed among tector trichomes and also in fruit color and shape. High variability among accessions was detected by ISSR markers. Although the species studied present a wide morphological and molecular variability, this variability was not reflected in anatomical features.