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Association of the IFNAR1-17470 and IL-10-592 cytokine variants with susceptibility to chronic hepatitis B viral infections in a Chinese population

Author(s): Y. Xiang1, S.F. Huang1, J.R. Xia, D.Q. Ye, P. Chen, S.S. Yang, S. Sun, X.F. Lai and L.P. Zhang

An association between the sequence variants of cytokine genes and various clinical outcomes in subjects infected with the hepatitis B virus (HBV) has been demonstrated. However, the results are inconsistent and inconclusive. Further studies in other populations and the evaluation of a greater number of individuals may contribute to a better understanding of the influence of the cytokine genetic variants on the evolution of HBV infections. This study was performed to explore the relationships between the sequence variants of TNF-A-308, IFNAR1-17470, and IL-10-592 and the susceptibility to chronic hepatitis B (CHB) in a Chinese population.