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Association between gastrointestinal cancers and fingerprint patterns in the Iranian population

Author(s): S. Abbasi and M. Rasouli

Gastrointestinal cancers are malignant diseases with high mortality rate. Early diagnosis of patients could improve the results of treatment. Many studies used dermatoglyphics as a biomarker to predict the incidence of genetic diseases and cancers. This study assessed the association between gastrointestinal cancers and particular fingerprint patterns, which could be useful in early diagnosis of these malignancies. The study was conducted on 153 histopathologically confirmed gastrointestinal cancer patients and 299 healthy individuals. The fingerprints were taken by a specific method of rolling the subject’s fingers or thumbs in ink. The data were analyzed for the significance using the chi-square test and the t-test. Odds ratio with 95% confidence intervals were calculated. Dermatoglyphic analysis showed that whorl and loop patterns significantly changed in the case group as compared to control. However, the odds ratio suggested that whorl pattern in 6 or more fingers might be a risk factor for developing gastrointestinal cancers. Our results showed that there is an association between fingerprint patterns and gastrointestinal cancers, and so, the dermatoglyphic analysis may aid in the early diagnosis of these cancers