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Accuracy of low-field MRI on meniscal tears

Author(s): H.N. Chen, Q.R. Dong and Y. Wang

This study aimed to verify the accuracy of low-field-intensity magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in diagnosing meniscus tears. A total of 171 patients were examined through low-field-intensity MRI to detect meniscus injuries. These patients were then diagnosed through arthroscopy. Examination results were recorded and compared. The accuracy of the diagnosis for internal and external meniscus tears through low-field-intensity MRI was 95.91% and 95.91%, respectively, the sensitivities were 95.60% and 96.47%, respectively, and the specificities were 96.25% and 95.35%, respectively. Low-field-intensity MRI is an accurate and cost-effective method for diagnosing meniscus tears.