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A rare PAX6 mutation in a Chinese family with congenital aniridia

Author(s): F. He, D.L. Liu, M.P. Chen, L. Liu, L. Lu, M. Ouyang, J. Yang, R. Gan and X.Y. Liu

Aniridia is an autosomal dominant disorder characterized by the complete or partial loss of the iris and is almost associated with mutations in the paired box gene 6 (PAX6). We examined three generations of a Chinese family with congenital aniridia and observed genetic defects. Exons of PAX6 from 12 family members were amplified by polymerase chain reaction, sequenced, and compared with reference sequences in NCBI reference sequence database ( A rare mutation c.2T>A (M1K) in exon 4 of PAX6 was identified in all affected family members but not in unaffected family members. Our results suggest that the c.2T>A (M1K) mutation may be responsible for the pathogenesis of congenital aniridia in this family. To our knowledge, this is the first report of the M1K mutation in PAX6 in a Chinese family with this disease and the second report worldwide.

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