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A generic plant RNA isolation method suitable for RNA-Seq and suppression subtractive hybridization

Author(s): Y.Q. Zhu1,2, W.J. Wu1,2, H.W. Xiao1,2, H.B. Chen1,2, Y. Zheng1,2, Y.J. Zhang2, H.X.Wang2 and L.Q. Huang1,2

A recently developed revolutionary approach to transcriptomics, RNA-Seq, and suppression subtractive hybridization are powerful tools for gene expression research. However, currently, the difficulty of isolating high-quality RNAs from plant tissues bearing abundant complex polysaccharides, polyphenolics, and secondary metabolites is a serious problem that not only limits the application of these technologies but also hinders studies dealing with RNA in general. We have developed a consistent protocol to prepare highly intact and pure RNAs from tissues of a variety of field-grown plant species, with high yields, in 2 to 3 h. Additionally, this method can be readily applied to mammalian, yeast, and bacterial cells.