Association of ACE I/D, AT1R A1166C, CYP11B2 C344T polymorphism with essential hypertension in Asia: A meta-analysis

Author(s): Jiang Yuepeng, Zhao Xiaoxuan, Zhao Yang, Sui Yanbo and Liu Li

Aim: To evaluate the association between ACE I/D, AT1R A11166C, CYP11B2 C344T gene polymorphisms and the risk of EH in Asia. Materials and Methods: Related case-control studies were collected, selected and screened; a meta-analysis was conducted to assess the association between polymorphism of target genes and essential hypertension. Results: 41 articles were included. Among them, 17 studies were about ACE I/D gene polymorphisms, and 13 studies were about AT1R A1166C. Besides, 11 studies were about CYP11B2 C344T. The study suggested that ACE I/D polymorphism was closely connected with EH risk under all models. After subgroup analysis there was no significant relationship between AT1R A1166C under all models in China and no evidence had been found that CYP11B2 C344T gene had connection with EH risk in China. Meanwhile was no relationship between C344T mutations and EH risk under (CC vs. TT) in other countries. Conclusion: The present evidence shows that it is of great guiding significant to identify ACE I/D mutation for preventing EH and screening high-risk groups rather than AT1R A1166C and CYP11B2 C344T polymorphism.
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